Beta updates 1211 RC2

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Changes against 1210
** V1.2.1.1 April 2016
Vnchooks: make sure the correct versions are attached, some older crashed
-black screen on connection/ grey screen on connection and deadlock
-on disconnect server icon stayed yellow, blocking new connections
-black viewer with icons without file transfer.
-fixed mem leaks/resource leak
Fix overrun crash
Timeout reconnect fix
Closing no reconnect fix
Auto refresh after idle
Update jpeg lib
High dpi server fixed

Versions in bin zip

XP: Version to be used for all OS's from XP to win10  ( reported as very stable)
WIN8: use desktop duplication engine, require wdm1.2 video drivers.
The difference between the XP and WIN8 version is the capture engine.  The new engine is a lot faster, but behave sometimes unstable, depend on the hardware.

XP-IPV6: First try to make it ipv6 compliant, Need to be tested.  My own isp doesn't support ipv6, limited in testing it myself, need feedback.


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