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If you don't find the information your looking for in this section of the website, then please feel free to ask on the forums... and ask us to add it into the documentation to help others in the future.

  • UltraVNC Server   ( 6 Articles )
    UltraVNC Server and Viewer are a powerful, easy to use, free software that can display the screen of one computer (Server) on the screen of another (Viewer). The program allows the viewer to use their mouse and keyboard to control the Server Computer remotely.
    UltraVNC is a VNC application that is tailored towards Windows PCs, with several features not found in other VNC products.
    UltraVNC Server Documentation will answer all your questions about the UltraVNC Server Product (we hope).

  • UltraVNC Viewer   ( 2 Articles )
    UltraVNC Viewer can be used to connect to any standard VNC server.
    UltraVNC Viewer comes in a tabbed version, which allows for numerous VNC server connections without having more than one window open.
  • Single Click   ( 6 Articles )
    UltraVNC SC is a small (300kB) UltraVNC Server that can be customized and preconfigured to allow easy remote control of a customers computer, without having to install anything.
    UltraVNC SC does not require installation and does not make use of the registry. The customer only has to download the little (preconfigured) executable and Click to make a connection. The connection is initiated by the server to a listening viewer, to allow easy access through customers firewall.

  • Repeater   ( 1 Article )
    UVNC Repeater has two unique functions:
    Mode 1: Allows for connection to multiple servers (in listen mode), using only one port. All connection data flows through the repeater, allowing connection to multiple servers through a single port forward or tunnel.
    Mode 2: Allows both a Viewer and Server to connect together using the repeater as a PROXY. All connection data flows through the repeater, allowing both the server and viewer to be behind firewalls or routers.

  • PcHelpware   ( 3 Articles )
    PCHelpWare is a free alternative to the various paying remote assistance services that can be found on the net.
    PCHelpWare is a powerful remote support software that allows you to control (right from your own PC) a distant PC connected to the internet. It is the ideal solution to provide quick remote assistance and help your customers, colleagues, friends and family members, even if they are on the other side of the world.
    PCHelpWare is customizable: you can create your own server package with your logo and -company- name. The individual you want to remotely assist only has to download and execute your customized package. That's all

  • General Knowledge   ( 2 Articles )
    Articles that don't fit into any particular product, or are relevant for all products can be found here.
    There is also possibly documentation that is not directly connected to VNC, but is of interest to people searching for VNC related solutions.