Updates in progress 2014

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-SERVER: Added keepalive message to prevent server to reconnect every x minutes. (tested)
-SERVER: Save passwd/options fix: Current it fail if the logged user is a domain admin. (test required)
-SERVER: mirror driver wrong colors driver in 16bit mode ( vmware etc..) (tested in vmware)

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-REPEATER: Added keepalive message to prevent server to reconnect every x minutes. (tested)

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-Free logmein alternative
The same executable is used on server and viewer, If you want to share your desktop you need to tell the accesscode and password to the remote.
1) [Loop test], only for testing, server and viewer start on the same PC ( accesscode and passwd does not need to be entered)
2) [connect] you need to enter the REMOTE access-code and password
3) [Show Desktop] Take control of the remote desktop
4) [Chat / FT] Chat open as a seperated app, run independed of the "show desktop" FT is done by dropping a file on the chat window.
Remote user get a popup when FT is done and need to indicate the requested destination folder. ( data is initial placed in the temp folder)

*Encryption AES 256
*password is verified insite the enryption stream, password is only valid for one connection and change each run
( using dbl click you can copy the the accesscode and passwd to the clipboard)
*Direct viewer/server connections, no need to send data over a repeater
*Access is initiated by our connect servers, they act like a dyndns service
*Both server and viewer can be behind a NAT router.
* nat2nat is done using Udp hole punshing ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UDP_hole_punching )
We tried to make something as simple as possible, have fun

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