SC Creation returning "Test" ignoring zip contents.

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SC Creation returning "Test" ignoring zip contents.

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First, this is the original zip I did a long while ago and it worked fine, now, all the SCs return are the default "Test".

The zip file, I checked, has all the requirements (except one bmp which is only listed partially and not in the instructions [enter.bmp]).

Sadly, what I've seen lately, with the version of the SC I did get working back over a few years ago, on 2004+ build of Windows 10, I'm seeing the first frame show up and I can move and click on things, but I don't see any further updates. I have been updating the software on my end, but I cannot update the SC.

Is there a way to offer a SC builder that isn't online, possibly so we can include the latest viewer inside of it to coincide with the version that we're using? This way the building of the SC isn't going to require an online website with multiple versions.

My concern right now with the pandemic, is I'm volunteering to help some seniors with issues they may have from time to time, which of course, I can't seem to do with my current SC, it just shows the start of the session and stops.

Should I downgrade my local version to match or does that matter?
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