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Can't recieve emails b/c of bad SPF records(DNS records)

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Can't recieve emails b/c of bad SPF records(DNS records)

Post by WoodyWoody »

Sender(forum.ultravnc.net) needs to work with their IT support and fix their SPF records(DNS records). Can you please forward these details to the customer and ask them to fix them on their end.

I could see the emails from the sender "return@forum.ultravnc.net" got blocked at our email gateway since the Sender ID/SPF PRA check for this domain "forum.ultravnc.net" is getting FAIL.

The SPF record identifies which mail servers are permitted to send an email on behalf of the domain (forum.ultravnc.net). Here it is getting FAIL since we have received these emails from different mail server IPs (*) which are not published in "forum.ultravnc.net" DNS SPF records.

Our gateway drops the SPOOFING emails when the SPF check gets FAIL. Please forward this information to "forum.ultravnc.net" and ask them to fix their SPF DNS record by including the IP RANGE/SUBNET(*) (OR) an INCLUDE statement to their SPF RR("forum.ultravnc.net" needs to work with their IT Department"). Please get back to us if you need any further details.

SPF CHECK AGAINST "forum.ultravnc.net"
The mail is being restricted due to a violation of a sending mail RFC (https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc4408), the email will come through fine once this organization has fixed the violation.

Emails are coming from "*@forum.ultravnc.net" and this domain DON'T have any SPF/MX RR published/added to their EXTERNAL DNS. The sending domain should have SPF records in their Public DNS as per Business Standard mail best practices (RFC). Customer needs to publish/add SPF RR on their EXTERNAL DNS with the list of IPS they use to send the email to the users.

For more details, Please check:- "http://www.open-spf.org/"
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Rudi De Vos
Admin & Developer
Admin & Developer
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Re: Can't recieve emails b/c of bad SPF records(DNS records)

Post by Rudi De Vos »

New forum mail sender is mail.uvnc.com.
SPF and DMARC has been setup
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