Commercial license for UltraVNC

This forum is for VNC related products. This means not only UltraVNC. It even is allowed to announce or describe commercial (and of course non-commercial) programs here (but not anywhere else in the forum).
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Commercial license for UltraVNC

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I am looking for a vnc server component that can be embedded in a commercial product and redistributed. Since UltraVNC is licensed as GPL, it's not compatible by default with my plans. Is there any option to contract a re-licensed version of the source code that would allow redistribution without enforcing source code disclosure?

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Re: Commercial license for UltraVNC

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Sorry, we don't have a commercial source code license. A lot of contributions and relicening would require some go from all.

You can use the the exe for commercial projects.
You can't embed it, but your installer can download it during install from your website.
If you software call winvnc with commandlines parameters( like a shellexecute) then the 2 products are still seperated and you follow GPL.
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