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Automation for install and configure UltraVNC

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Automation for install and configure UltraVNC

Post by fledorze »

I managing industrial PCs with Ansible, on which I would like to install and configure UltraVNC
As far as I understand the different posts and docs,
I have to do install with setup.exe on a first one with option /SAVEINF
Then code in Ansible the following steps :
1- execute setup.exe with /LOADINF.
2- deploy our UltraVNC.ini
3- link readonly and readwrite user to 2 local windows accounts
4- restart the service

I can figure how code all steps except 3- : manually, we have to use uvnc_settings.exe, which is interactive.
But how to do it in non-interactive mode ?
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Rudi De Vos
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Admin & Developer
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Re: Automation for install and configure UltraVNC

Post by Rudi De Vos »

step 3
mslogon I
the groups are part of ultravnc.ini
mslogon 2
This method use the permissions of a reg key
the key permissions are taken for vnc read/wrie full/viewonly

In the uvnc folder is a acl copy tool mslogonacl.exe Usage: mslogonacl /e <file> for exporting an ACL to an (optional) file. mslogonacl /i <mode> <file> for importing an ACL where mode is either /o for override or /a for append and file holds ...

sample: key permissions

This is exported like this.
MSLogonACL /e
== Entering GetACL
== RegQueryValueEx passed dwValueLength = 80
allow 0x00000003 .\rudi
allow 0x00000003 .\rudigroup

Youe need to addmslogonacl.exe /i /o myfile (MSLogonACL.exe /i <mode> <file>) to the installer
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