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Registry settings not working ?

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Joined: 2024-01-31 14:57

Registry settings not working ?

Post by stoneater »

Dear all,

at present I have an unusual behaviour, having latest V X64 installed on Windows Server 2022.

Started the "Server Settings" program as a user with administrative privileges.
Set "Disable ini file settings and use registry" to active.
Restarted the uvnc service.

But no matter what I do, any settings still go to the registry file.
This way at present I'm unable set individual passwords and port settings depending on the logged in user.
Is this a known or wanted behaviour ?
In case of not - how can I get around this ?

Any help is appreciated.
Best Regards
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Rudi De Vos
Admin & Developer
Admin & Developer
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Re: Registry settings not working ?

Post by Rudi De Vos »

Registry haven't been tested in a long time.

If it's broken it wil not be added again
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