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source SecureVNCPlugin.dsm

Should you have problems with the DSM plugin, here's the place to look for help or report issues
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source SecureVNCPlugin.dsm

Post by David4 »

does somebody have the source for SecureVNCPlugin.dsm? I can't find it online.

And BTW, is http://www.uvnc.eu/download/Z_SC_2015(Feb).zip still the latest source for SC?
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Rudi De Vos
Admin & Developer
Admin & Developer
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Re: source SecureVNCPlugin.dsm

Post by Rudi De Vos »

SC has been implemented as special build. See 3.8.9 dev tests on the forum.
- viewforum.php?f=56

Still development.
With SC as special build is always stay in sync with winvnc.

SecureVNCPlugin.dsm is in a seperate git.
If you pm your git account i give you access
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Re: source SecureVNCPlugin.dsm

Post by cloia »


it's possible to have access to the seperate git for dsm plugins for my git account.
Thank you.

Best regards,
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Re: source SecureVNCPlugin.dsm

Post by splintercode »


I have read that the source of SecureVNCPlugin.dsm is present on a separate git.

Is it possible to have access to this git? I need of the last source code of SecureVNCPlugin.dsm.

Thank you very much.
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