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UltraVNC - Feedbacks

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Rudi De Vos
Admin & Developer
Admin & Developer
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UltraVNC - Feedbacks

Post by Rudi De Vos »

Feedbacks for UltraVNC in this topic.

- https://uvnc.eu/download/1500/UltraVNC_1500-dev.zip
- https://uvnc.eu/download/1500/UltraVNC_ ... _Setup.exe
- https://uvnc.eu/download/1500/UltraVNC_ ... _Setup.exe

Changelog since the previous stable build:
UltraViewer added (wrapper around the vncviewer)
Directx Reconnect fix
Extra links added
Text/version info fixes
Replaced libs with vcpkg manager for easy maintenance and upgrades
Stack corruption (#185)
-code cleanup
-Spellcheck UI
-standardization of UI
-Use CertVerifyCertificateChainPolicy API to verify TLS certificate chain (#144)
-Use Ariel font
-VeNCrypt authentication with TLS encrypted transport (#142)
-WIP: RSA-AES authentication and encryption (#139)
-Fix typo: 'Repetear' -> 'Repeater' (#138)
-fix WinRE 10 detected as unsupported
-change name snapshot, so you can easy sort on date
-use same omnithread for server and viewer
-re-init d3d device in pre-update if invalid (#130)
-SC, added an try/catch to restore UAC if used.
-add scrollbar to properties
-fix: set groups defaults before loading, not after
-SC UAC reset fix
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Re: UltraVNC - Feedbacks

Post by Yull »

Good morning

I have been using your software for a long time and I am completely satisfied with it.

I am ready to test version 1.5, but I use 100% with SC, do you have a test version (winvnc.exe is good for me) ?

Is there a system for making a donation (I try to give some money to all the free software I use)

Good luck for the future

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Re: UltraVNC - Feedbacks

Post by ASWar »

Hi! The new version 1.5.0 does not display the character encoding correctly in the File transfer window.

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Re: UltraVNC - Feedbacks

Post by ASWar »

Please add information about the UltraVNC server version to the status window, if possible.
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