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Rudi De Vos
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Admin & Developer
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Development release

Download ... _Setup.exe ... _Setup.exe

TigerVNC Cursor fix, Cursor SHape
Add menu for snapshot
Viewonly has priority
Accept/Refuse prompt while Windows is locked
Add custom ini to serviceThere are two limitations though:1. No spaces in ini file path (escaping does not work)2. service_commandline option with -inifile argument must be present in ini file himself
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Re: Dev

Post by Chesser »

Another bug found.
If through the "viewer" connect to a PC with a running "server" with the "viewer only" option. Then press the key combination Ctrl+Alt+F3 and go into control mode. Then press again Ctrl+Alt+F3 and switch to the "viewer only" mode. In this case, on the PC with the "server", pressing the button will be simulated Ctrl until either on the PC with the "server" this button is pressed manually, or until the "viewer" closes the viewing window.
This error is fixed in Did you fix it in
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Re: Dev

Post by Jojo67 »

Hello Rudi

Would it be possible to add a better control of the MRU List in the VNC Viewer GUI ?

I have a lot of old hostnames in the drop down list and I want to delete all or a few in one click : multiple selection of hosts with standard Windows selection like in Explorer (i.e. CRL+A for ALL, shift / ctrl + click for selective selection, etc...) with right clic and action "Delete from this list"

Is it possible inside the Viewer ? Or could you add a specific button like "MRU List Management" that would open such an "MRU List editor" tool in a new Window ?

Thanks in advance.
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