Use of foreign languages in this forum.

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Use of foreign languages in this forum.

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We are an international community. As most of you know, the server is located in Germany (I am, though I live in Iceland currently), Sam comes from France, Rudi from Belgium.

Although English is meant to be the main language here, it is of course possible to ask questions in other languages. Only the subject line is a problem, because it is not being converted if Unicode characters are used. However, the message body can contain Russian for example:
Говорим по-русский

If you are going to use another language, please be so kind and add a tag at the start of the subject line which shows the language. This will ensure that everyone knows which language was used. Tagless messages are to be considered English. For tags use the following table:

A Russian subject line could look like this:
[RUS] Как можно это делать?

A German one:
[DEU] Wie kann man das machen?

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