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Can the UltraVNC Viewer run on a portable USB memory stick?

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Can the UltraVNC Viewer run on a portable USB memory stick?

Post by kirkzeus »

Hi all

I would like to know if the UltraVNC Viewer can run on a portable USB memory stick, especially as the drive letter will change depending on the computer it is connected to (the computers will be Windows based).

If so, is it flash memory friendly in that it doesn't write to the memory stick excessively and reduce its life?

Also, what files need to be on the memory stick.

Many thanks
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Post by bevtech »

I have done it.. I am not sure it it reduces the life but

You can use the stand alone viewer . or just the vncviewer.exe

If you are using msrc be sure to include the
RC4.key, MSRC4plugin_NoReg.dsm

(thanks for Martin input no file needed for mslogon..:)

If you want to transfers files be sure to included zip32.dll, unzip32.dll

Hope this helps
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Post by Marscha »

the viewer doesn't need authadmin.dll, authSSP.dll, ldapauth.dll , logging.dll, MSLogonACL.exe, workgrpdomnt4.dll
You can do MS-Logon I and II without these files on the viewer side.
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Post by kirkzeus »

Thanks guys for the information.
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