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SysWorkSoft VNC Neighborhood

This forum is for VNC related products | This means not only UltraVNC | It even is allowed to announce or describe commercial (and of course non-commercial) programs here (but not anywhere else in the forum)
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SysWorkSoft VNC Neighborhood

Post by redge »

system & Network administration
  • VNC Manager
    VNC Manager can automatically discover any host running VNC Server on a given network.
  • VNC Neighborhood
    A free VNC server TCP scanner. It uses Microsoft Windows Networking features to locate computers in Microsoft Windows domains and workgroups.
    A command-line utility to change the password used to access VNC desktops on local or remote Win32 platforms.
    A command-line utility to get remote VNC server information.
    A small command-line utility which gives you the ability to know who's watching you using the local VNC server install on your computer.
    A command line utility to discover any host running VNC Server on a given network.
    A command-line utility to lock and/or start default screen saver on the local computer.
  • Remote Wake-up
    RW.EXE is a command-line utility that may reboot any network equipment equipped with a Wake-On-Lan (WOL) NIC adapter.
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Re: SysWorkSoft VNC Neighborhood

Post by Skeeve »

Normally I just start the Ultr@VNC viewer directly to connect to any computer and everything is fine.

But I do love the idea of being able to see all my user computers after a network scan and being able to support them by just doubleclicking on their computer and connecting to their VNC server. Therefor I installed VNC Neighborhood. Everything is fine untill I try to establish a connection by doubleclicking. I entered the correct path.
After doubleclicking a window pops up "Ultr@VNC Info" telling me "Failed to connect to server". In the "VNC Viewer Status for User X" that normally comes when I use Ultr@VNC directly to connect to a remote machine there is no port given. When I start Ultr@VNC directly there is alway the port 5900 shown. What can I do that VNC Neighborhood passes the port to Ultr@VNC? I checked "Use default VNC server port" in the Scanner Tab.
I tried to contact Patrick Garnier on his web site "SysWorkSoft.net" but got no reply.


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