KeyPal: A CryptoAPI Key Container Utility

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KeyPal: A CryptoAPI Key Container Utility

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solving, check, make new key, check corruption of file of any key rc4.key, aesv2.key, arc4.key

KeyPal: A CryptoAPI Key Container Utility
Download KeyPal.exe v (53,592 bytes) (.NET 2, Digitally Signed)

C# source code.

KeyPal.exe is a .NET 2 CryptoAPI console utility which will be of interest to developers creating and troubleshooting crypto-enabled Windows applications. KeyPal demonstrates several techniques for accessing Windows CryptoAPI functionality, including:

* Lists all key containers for Current User or Machine locations and the PROV_RSA_FULL provider type
* For each key container, lists the key types it contains (Signature or Exchange)
* For each key pair, shows the key size
* Indicates if there is a matching certificate(s) in the Current User or Machine MY certificate store
* Exports or displays PUBLICKEYBLOB and XML public key from any key container by number
* Exports X509 SubjectPublicKeyInfo in binary and PEM-encoded form (for Java, OpenSSL etc..)
* Exports unencrypted PRIVATEKEYBLOB, XML private key and PKCS #8 PrivateKeyInfo from any key container by number
* Displays all private key components as hex-encoded byte arrays
* Exports PKCS #12 password-protected keypairs for either a Signature or Exchange keypair in any keycontainer
* Deletes any key container listed
* Displays linked-certificate(s) properties sheet

reference for update detail.

thank to user krunge for updated url of KeyPal
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