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ChunkVNC Downloads and Installation Guide

Simple, Free, Open Source UltraVNC Wrapper Supporting Windows and Mac OSX
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ChunkVNC Downloads and Installation Guide

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If you'd like donate some please visit http://www.chunkvnc.com and click the donate button or contact me on the forum for a paypal address!

Thanks to everyone that makes all of this possible! - supercoe

Find the latest information and releases at:

Release 3.3.1 9.12.11

Changes in this version:

* Updated Compiler to exit if it detects a VNC server running othewise compile will fail.

* Updated Compiler to automate the UltraVNC server in a different way for greater compatibility.

* Updated Compiler to check if the SecureVNC plugin was configured correctly.

* Updated Compiler to output to a temp directory and to display that directory after compiling.

* Updated UPX to version 3.0.7

* ChunkVNC now has an installer!

Known Issues:

* Installation Guide is out of date, I did not have time to write documentation for this release but the ChunkVNC concept remains the same.


Installation Guide:

ChunkVNC 3.2 Ready-To-Run Edition

Welcome noobs, to the easiest way to support friends and family over the internet!

Using ChunkVNC RTR is a simple 2 step process:
  • 1) Send the InstantSupport.exe file to the computer you want to control and run it.

    2) Start ChunkViewer.exe in the Viewer folder, enter the ID number from InstantSupport and click Connect!
The password to connect is "support" without the quotes.

ChunkVNC RTR utilizes a publicly available repeater and must not be used for commercial use.
For commercial use you must run your own repeater with the full version of ChunkVNC.

There are 2 versions available, please choose the location nearest to you or try them both to see which repeater is faster:

Using repeater03.ultravnc.info located in Switzerland.
MD5: 345cc813be758473f022828583fbbb50

Using repeater02.ultravnc.info located in Germany.
MD5: bfe63b6ebf252c44c3fef0fe32124e25

Please donate a case of beer to me if you love this project! http://www.chunkvnc.com :D
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