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Rudi De Vos
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https://uvnc.com/downloads/ultravnc/150 ... 3-8-1.html

Fix CVE-2022-24750
-warning about unthrusted server can be disabled
-trayiocon fix
-Fix multiple cursors when not selected
-installer update
Fixed some installer issue.
*Silent is not needed
*Upgrade is not needed
Plugins are installed with server/viewer
The menu is always installed, the desktop icons are optional ( like other installers do)
-Revert "update zipunzip 6.0"
-notification as OSD
-border and black screen is not supported on all OS’s, added OS check
-Fix Tight color issue
-Borde with OSD
-update zipunzip 6.0
-Fix border
-xz library update 5.2.5
-update libjpeg-turbo 2.1.2
-update SDK
-Fix loading options
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